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Hi All,

International Women's Day was amazing this year and the theme Press for progress really speaks to me.  So many great projects are starting like Love Music and Australian Women In Music Awards  it's exciting times we live in.  Please sign-up to Noisy Girls Facebook as this is where I'm sharing news as it's comes to hand.

I spend part of the day giving a short talk at Northern Beaches Tafe where I talked about being a woman in a male dominated field and about Noisy Girls.  The talk had a small but appreciative crowd, but the music videos playing for IWD on the big screen before I arrived mostly had semi-clad women singing shiny pop songs.  Though I think there is nothing with this, it makes me think we still have a long way to go before a balanced representation of women in music exists.

In the evening I went to a talk at Bondi Pavilion which had veteran performers drummer Lindy Morrison and Jazz Saxophonist Sandy Evans with a representative of All Girl Electronic.  Its was an inspiring night.