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Noisy Girls is...

An initiative to showcase women working in Australian music as musicians, engineers and producers.  It's to encourage more to step forward and help address the staggering imbalance that still exists in music through promoting women's music projects.

I have worked in recording studios for over 20 years as an engineer/producer, often as the only woman in the room.  So when considering what I would like to change in my industry, it is simply the mix of people and the perception that one type of person fits a job in the recording studio.  The Noisy Girls involved are a diverse bunch with one thing in common besides gender, the desire to craft a good song.  So, with music in mind, the project has recorded some original songs.  Along with music are interviews with some of the women involved.

In the future, Noisy Girls aims to increase women's music skills and networking, as well as create more quality music.


Michelle Barry - Producer


Women Producing Music - Being Seen and Heard